How to have a successful wedding in cape town

How to have a successful wedding in cape town

The best and successful wedding begins with setting a date and a theme. Assembling a good team for the different tasks, allocating it to the team

The good befitting venue, why a befitting venue? What do I mean by a befitting venue?
It is a venue with all the facilities, e.g good view, nature, safe parking, kitchen, etc

successful wedding in Cape Town

A good venue sets the tone for a good ambiance for the guest, and allows the guest and the bride and groom to enjoy the event, it makes it easier for the caterers to be able to set up and prepare food that will be fresh, appetizing, and flawless decoration

The second step once a good venue is secured is for the bride to book fittings for the wedding dress
Once the bride is satisfied with her choice of dress, you have a winning start.
3rd step finding the right person for the décor is pivotal, just like food, the outcome of a good decoration, definitely sets the tone for a good evening, once you have a flawless décor, you are on a winning streak. 4th step is a top-qualified caterer or chef.

What is the duty of the chef?

To compose a customized menu for the host that entails the following; Cake for the bride and groom
The menu according to the host preference The details of any specific info such as any allergies among any guest, special diet specification e.g vegan, vegetarian, halaal, etc

To prepare the most scrumptious meals that will leave your guest wowed
Why is the selection of a good caterer or chef important?
Food is the last thing guest remembers at every event, as it is the last segment of the most event.
No matter how good your team or an organization can be, no matter how good the décor can be, if the food presented to the guest is not up to standard then the event will be considered a flop

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