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What is Customer Service

Customer service is the act of providing a service to clients. Why is customer service important?

Customer service is the cornerstone of your customer’s experience.
To ensure problem-solving, attending to customers needs and demand
Good skills of customer service entail:


Being attentive and the ability to listen carefully to customers is part of great service. Professionalism: All customers should be treated professionally, which means the use of competence or skill expected of the professional. Professionalism shows the customer they’re cared for.

Personalization: Using the customer’s name is very effective in producing loyalty. Customers like the idea that whom they do business with knows them on a personal level.


Tips on Customer service Skils

Customer service also entails getting the client interested in your food By knowing your client beyond just wanting them to buy your product. Building a good professional relationship with your client is of outmost importance, as you get to build trust.

You discover more about your client, their food preference, their allergies in terms of food, and they will feel comfortable to even go further as to suggest ideas that they think can help your business, such as dishes that can be added to the menu, how to get your business to the next level How to get clients interested in your food, by maintaining a high standard of food service delivery to them and most importantly never compromise on the standard of food that your business is known for.

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