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Meeting Our Chefs

Trained qualified Private chefs for hire up on request, for a once off event or for full time in-house Chef and waiters as well.

  • Chef Nkosentsha
    Chef 1

    Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management

  • Chef Jono
    Chef 2

    Culinary diploma

  • Chef Milka
    Chef 3

    Chef Manager at Milka's Cuisine

  • Chef Mpoy Rodrick
    Chef 4

    Culinary diploma

  • Chef Marina
    Chef 5

    No exception, from our exquisite chefs

  • Chef Love
    Chef 6

    Food creation, passionate to make only good food out of love!

  • Love Foods
    Chef 7

    When you cook with love, the food just tastes better !

  • Chef Van wik
    Chef 8

    Senior Associate Director of Executive Conferences and Catering Services