How to organize a Breakfast Meetings event for Your Business

How to organize a Breakfast Meetings event for Your Business

6 ways to Nail you Business Breakfast Meetings

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. It is the human fuel to take over the whole day. But more than that, breakfasts can also trigger successful business deals, negotiations, or even a meeting.

In the corporate world, business breakfast is one of the usual activities. If the day demands an extensive and continuous meeting, negotiation or presentation; then a good breakfast meal is a good option.

Before planning the next business breakfast, also have in mind that whoever is arranging for it holds the power over the direction of the whole day. If pulled off in a successful way, then the rest of the day will be on a positive note. However, it can ruin the momentum if handled in the wrong way.

The Breakfast in a Business Meeting

Gone are the days of uptight business gathering inside a meeting or conference room. Nowadays, people opt for a more relaxed business breakfast meetings.

Basically, it’s just breakfast but incorporating work at the same time. Multitasking: just hustling and enjoying a meal all altogether at once. Breakfast could be a better option in the middle of a business deal. Why? Because everyone is recharged and refreshed after a long rest the night before and that is a good head start for a productive day ahead.  Everyone can definitely give the best version of themselves.

Furthermore, breaking a piece of bread with business partners creates a warmer and comfortable environment and setting a more smooth flow.

Tips to Pick the Right Venue

1.   Invitation

The invitation is in the top place on the list. Generally, being too forceful or imposing in inviting for a business meeting should be avoided. It is important to be mindful of others’ time and engagement. It is best to pull off some considerations to the other party instead of purely depending on your own availability.

2.   Location Cape Town

Picking a spot is a crucial decision. So the best way is to choose a place with a wide array of options. You wouldn’t know if the person you are about to meet has a specific food preference or worst allergy to a certain food type.

It is best to go to a place you personally tested. Always take in mind that it’s not just a social engagement or a foodie tour but a business meeting. The goal is to win over “that deal” so make sure you’re in the right place.

3.   Purpose and Goals

Always keep in mind that the sole purpose of this gathering is business. No more, no less. This means that you should have a general skeleton of the topics to be discussed.

The main objective is to convince the guest about your point of view. Therefore, business breakfast is no other than a talk for a negotiation.

Always remember that it is still a professional affair unless it’s a colleague or a mentor that you need to set some rapport with. As much as possible, refrain to make small talks like trivial topics and personal affairs that can derail the conversation from the specific purpose of the meeting.

Do not be afraid to frame the topic around the agenda after a few bites. But make sure that you do it in a professional yet in a natural and conversational manner.

4.   No Drinks

Ordering alcoholic beverages may set a bad and unprofessional impression. Whatever the reason is, it is still the beginning of the day and also a business affair, so alcoholic drink isn’t a good idea in the first place. But just in case the guest insists, then a single glass is forgivable. But, be mindful and take only a few sips as much as possible.

5.   Manners

Manners are a “must-have” in whatever you do, wherever you are and with whom you are talking. It is the unsaid and unwritten rule, especially in professional and business affairs. While you may be excited to dig into the food in front of you, it is important to restrain yourself a little. Always remember that a first impression is important. Who knows? The person in front of you might be an important business partner in the future.

6.   Disconnect

Turn off your phone. This is inappropriate for lunch or dinner since emergencies are unavoidable within that timeframe. That is one of the advantages of breakfast meetings, emergencies in the morning are very little or never at all.


You may find these tips applicable to any type of business meeting. After all, its nature is nothing but sipping coffee and breaking bread while plotting the tactics to achieve business goals.

Authenticity is the key. With the right amount of composure and confidence to close the deal, you can certainly make the most out of it!

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